Hello, my name is Jonathan Magnusson

I’m a CS PhD student in the PriSec group at Karlstad University (KAU), Sweden since 2021. My research area is Cybersecurity and Network Analysis of the Domain Name System (DNS) and is sponsored by The Swedish Internet Foundation (IIS). My lead supervisor is Tobias Pulls (KAU) and my co-supervisors are Anna Brunström (KAU) and Johan Stenstam (IIS).

I finished my bachelor’s degree at KAU in 2019 writing my thesis on Certificate Transparency Aggregation in DNS Caches, and I finished my master’s degree at KAU in 2021 writing my thesis on Evaluating a Traffic-Splitting Defence against Website Fingerprinting in Tor.

During my time at KAU I have also been a Teaching Assistant at several courses and a Project Assistant for the EU H2020 project PAPAYA (Platform for privacy perserving analytics). In 2022 I established the KAUotic Hacking Club at KAU, where I personally focus on CTF hacking competitions and infrastructures called “cyber ranges” to run these.

You can contact me at jonathan (dot) magnusson [at] kau (dot) se.